At AMEQUS, we offer a wide range of medical supplies and equipment for Hospitals, Doctor's offices, Clinics and Dental offices.  Our products range from diagnostic equipment, imaging equipment, sterilizing equipment, lab equipment, patient care equipment and procedural or surgical equipment.  We also offer a wide range of durable medical equipment, such as stretchers, wheelchairs, beds, recliners and examination tables.  Our list of medical supplies covers the entire range of products for general and acute medical care, surgical instruments, PPE supplies, wound care supplies, dialysis supplies, diabetic supplies, ostomy supplies, catheters, syringes and more.  Whatever the facility, we can provide all the medical supplies and equipment you need.  

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We network with a large number of Manufacturers and Distributors to provide the best quality medical supplies and equipment.  Additionally, we are a member of the largest medical buying group in the USA.  Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products at very competitive prices.  Whatever the type of facility, or the specific product needs, we can supply your orders.

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